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Hello & Welcome to Crystal Crafts!

I am Laura and I am a lover of all things involved with healing and creative arts! I am devoted to bringing healing and beauty into this world and this is when Crystal Crafts comes together. 

I have been using crystals & gemstones for a bit more than a decade now, actively learning and working with them as a hobby. My obsession with crystals and their magic meanings led me to start creating simple earring designs for myself that would combine the beauty of crystals with energy healing. I never thought they would generate so much interest that I would have to go on and create a website to showcase my work and sell them!

I am a Reiki Master, Reflexologist, and Dance teacher as my full-time job. 'Crystal crafts' is my hobby and as such all creations come from a place of love, care & passion, and are created uniquely in small batches and/ or made to order. Some of them are unique pieces so… when they are gone, they are gone! I like simplicity and live my life by the motto: ' Enjoy the simple things in life. I love the small little things that make the difference, don’t you?

The designs are minimalistic, elegant, simple and all are made in Ireland with so much love, care & presence, using different crystals, gemstones & metals.
All crystals and gemstones have different healing properties and are cleansed and infused with reiki and intentions for love and abundance.

Let the beauty of the crystals play its magic!

If you love simplicity & beauty and would love to find a stunning gift for a friend, family member, or for yourself, then you are on the right page!

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