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"Discover the wisdom of your body, foster the love for the feminine in women"


Belly Dance Essentials teaches you how to mobilize your pelvis by learning the technique of the basic steps of oriental dance from a holistic and energetic approach that deepens the body-mind connection.





In Belly Dance Essentials you will learn the technique of basic belly dance moves from scratch. This will help you release tension stored around your hips in a gentle and feminine way.


Learn how to use your body to express and let your inner beauty and radiance shine from the inside-out!


Connect with joy and pleasure. You will learn to connect with your body and gain greater body-awareness.


Movement helps us stay active in a fun way, which helps to lift our moods and reduce stress, tension and worry.

The simple question to life is: Are you happy?

If the answer is yes  

Keep Dancing!

If the answer is no  

Start Dancing!


Who is Belly Dance Essentials for?

Belly Dance essentials is for you if…

  1. You want to learn to dance from an approach that integrates body, mind, and spirit.

  2. If you are looking for a feminine practice that helps you reconnect with your inner goddess!

  3. If you want to experience the benefits of how mobilizing your body positively influences your overall well-being.

  4. If you want to work your pelvic floor either to relax or tone the area.

  5. If you have never danced before or if you want to improve your basic technique and learn from a more conscious approach.

  6. If you're looking to stay active with a fun, gentle, and loving practice for the female body

  7. If you want to reconnect with play, fun, joy and pleasure.

  8. If you want to learn to express and voice your emotions in a safe way.

  9. If you want to better the relationship with your body and regain self-confidence and self-esteem.

  10. If you want to stay healthy and active from the inside out!

  11. If you are looking for a practice to reduce stress, anxiety, and/or depression.

  12. If you want to learn natural ways in which you can improve your mood and live a healthier and more fulfilling life!

  13. If you want to regain faith in yourself and your personal power

Why Belly dance essentials isn't just another belly dancing course.


In Belly Dance Essentials I teach you all the ABC’s that constitute the mystical and sensual art of belly dancing with a comprehensive and holistic approach that adapts to your female body! It will teach you all the basics to start dancing, expressing through your body and enhancing your creative power!


My methodology integrates movement as a holistic and spiritual approach to wellness, with a focus on the mind-body connection and the importance of incorporating self-care into our lives.   


My main goal is that you learn to move those goddess hips that nature has given you, of course! But, above all, my intention is that this course will serve you as a healing tool to improve the relationship with yourself, reconnect with your body, and have fun while creating a healthy habit and building a new passion!


This course is an opportunity to: go deeper within yourself, stablish a connection with your mind and body, regain your inner power and self-confidence, and improve the relationship you have with yourself. Dance, like alchemy, has the power to transform us!


Belly dance is a feminine practice, especially designed for the female body. Besides the many physical benefits that this ancient feminine art has to offer us, this dance helps us to reconnect with play, pleasure, and joy. It inspires you to explore your most sensual and feminine side allowing your inner goddess to radiate from the inside out! You know that glow about which I am talking! It is something that radiates from inside and people around you can feel it too! It comes from doing more of the things that create joy in our life and elevate our energy!


My mission is to inspire you to find your own unique voice through dance, to discover your own unique style of dance, and that when you complete this course you will feel confident to create your own unique combos and add your own flavour and spice to your dance!


 Transforming women's lives through sensual feminine movement

Belly dance Essential Summer Camp is an introductory course that teaches you the technique of the basic steps of belly dance with a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. You will learn to move from your centre of pleasure and power and allow fun, joy and excitement into your life while creating a new healthy habit!

This methodology includes


Around 8.5 hours of recorded video content for you to learn all the basic movements of oriental dance from home, at your own pace and convenience, listening to your body, and dancing like no one’s watching! The best part is… you will be able to repeat the moves as many times as you like!



Through repetition we integrate movement into our body memory so that we can dance and express from what we feel rather than using our mind to count steps! Having the videos recorded allows you to repeat and review the course content as many times as you need. The course will be available with unlimited access, of course as long as my website remains open!



The course is like a library of basic steps, drills and combinations. It also includes a warm-up and a stretch routine as well as some body conditioning to prepare the body for certain movements. This allows you to create your own unique exercise routine.



You will find PDF’s with challenges and exercises to help you unleash your creativity and encourage you to create your own unique combinations. There’s also meditations to help you incorporate self-care and body awareness into your dance routine.



A final masterclass that recaps on all the movements that you learned along the course. This will be a fun, cardio workout! Be ready to sweat a little bit!



Let’s put some of that juice together! A 50 min class that combines some of the movements we learn into a short and sweet choreography.





I will share with you my private YouTube playlist, to help you get inspired and used to the rhythms of belly dance. You can use it for your practice, for creating new choreographies and combinations, complete challenges or just for pure enjoyment!

What is our belly dance journey going to look like?


Belly Dance Essential summer camp is an introductory course to oriental dance with a holistic approach to dance that integrates dance and self-care as a way to improve your health and well-being.  From home at your own pace, and as many times as you need.

Module 1

 Introduction: Hip Circle, accents & Soulful Shimmies

This is a comprehensive module in which you will get started with some cool basic moves, like the shimmy, hip drops and hip circles amongst others. This module includes warm-up and cool down as well as explanations for basic posture and some tips to best follow the course.

Module 2

The Gaze Towards Infinity

In this module we will learn the meaning of the infinite symbol, as well as the different ways we can perform and execute the 8 (or infinite). We will learn both vertical and horizontal movements, and how to combine them. It includes a masterclass with a simple choreographed combination where we will put all these variants into practice along some travelling steps.

Module 3

The Omi - An Internal Massage

In this module we will learn the correct execution of the internal circular movement known as 'Omi', its benefits, and we will learn how to work it fluidly and in isolation. This module includes a self-care practice where we will learn how to give ourselves an abdominal massage to help reduce tension and cramps.

Module 4

Arms, an extension of our heart

The arms are said to be an extension of our heart. Through moving our arms and hands we can express so much beauty and emotion. In this module we will learn to be subtle and feminine with our arm movements. We will learn wrist circles, the lotus flower, and we will also work with the isolation of our upper body. This module focuses on moving and activating our heart chakra, the temple for our emotions. We will focus on working with the upper body, both isolating movements and learning to be gentle, soft and feminine.





Module 5

Undulations: Awakening the Shakti Energy

This module focuses on mobilising the energy from the base of our spine to the top of our head through learning undulations and camels. This module includes a warm-up and body conditioning specifically designed to help you gain flexibility of the spine. We will learn to do different undulations, use them as travelling steps, isolating the movements and also to connect with the subtleness and sensuality of this movement. Through this movement we allow kundalini energy to circulate freely through our central channel and help release blockages in the physical and energetic body. We will learn to listen to the body and use movement as a healing tool.

This module is also an invitation to slow down and gain body awareness. It includes a meditation to balance your chakras and a journal prompt for self-reflection.



    For an unlimited period, I am launching at a special price offer at 111€
    • Unlimited access (for as long as my website is available)
    • Total value: 208€
    • Video content (valued at 152€)
    • Two Bonus masterclasses: (valued at 35€)
    • Access to private Facebook/Telegram group
    • Additional content (workbooks, meditation)
    • 1 h live group masterclass in August (20 €)

My mission is to help women feel better about themselves, inspiring a healthy living through dance and healing practices.

A little about me, the why of this project and how it all started…


My name is Laura and I combine spirituality, feminine ancestral dance and holistic therapies to create a transformative experience that fosters not only physical well-being but also emotional and spiritual balance. Through the integration of practices such as reflexology, belly dance, aromatherapy, and energy healing, my goal is to provide supportive tools with a comprehensive approach to self-care, empowering women to embrace their authentic selves, cultivate a deeper connection with their body and inner wisdom, and enhance joy, acceptance, and self-love.


I have danced for almost my entire life, and I believe in the therapeutic effects dance has to offer.

Let me tell you a secret: I haven’t always been confident in my own skin, and there was a time in my life where I rejected my feminine body. Belly dance helped me tremendously to regain my inner confidence, strength, and power. It helped me heal the relationship I had with myself, and to accept and integrate parts of me I was rejecting. Not only that, but it was a healthy way in which to express repressed emotions I couldn’t voice during difficult times in my life.


When I moved to Dublin in 2013, there was not much offer for belly dance classes, and I always found when I was in a class, that there was an important element missing: the holistic approach.


I saw the need to integrate these two elements, and I began integrating my holistic view into dance in 2017 with my first project: ‘Shakti Belly Dance’, with the aim to help women reconnect with their bodies, their feminine essence and regain the confidence in themselves. The results and the feedback were always so positive that it kept me motivated to keep sharing to help women all over the world.


We live in a society where everything moves so fast that it's difficult to stop and listen to our body, to become aware of what's happening within us. I saw this in my holistic practice so often that it was concerning me: we are starting to normalize stress and anxiety as ‘our normal’, and this is so detrimental to our health. Our body is intelligent, and it has its own healing mechanisms. When mask and ignore symptoms, and when we repress our emotions by not listening and giving space for them to have a place, the body speaks loudly, and the symptoms may worsen as a result.


Society's standards have increasingly caused women to reject their feminine bodies to 'belong,' 'feel beautiful,' 'loved,' 'valued,' and 'validated' by their surroundings. Or, simply due to the rush, they live in disconnection with their own bodies and emotions. "I don't have time to stop..." - does this phrase sound familiar? Let me tell you that the less time you have for yourself, the more important it is to prioritize a slot in your schedule to give yourself that space, which is vital and fundamental for your health and well-being. There’s a say that reflects this: ‘ If you don’t make time for your wellness, you’ll be force to make time for your illness’ - just food for thought.


More and more, we forget the importance of going inward, resting, supporting our internal rhythms, and reconnecting with the inner power that resides within us. That power is regained when you recover confidence in yourself, in your body, in your abilities, and it makes you feel secure, deserving, dignified, sovereign, powerful, free, sensual, feminine, and loving.


Awakening the goddess within with Belly Dance, is born from my own experience. So, let me tell you a little bit about me…

When I was 11 years old, I had very irregular and painful periods. My paediatrician recommended me to start belly dance classes to help relieve pain and pelvic tension.

I spent most of my childhood and teenagerhood in a state of alert due to trauma, with a lot of anxiety and depression. My childhood and teenagerhood were not easy. I felt different from others. I felt I didn't fit in and I suffered from bullying when I started developing my womanly body at a very early age. This made me feel a rejection towards my own body and femininity.


Years later, I began my journey in this ancestral female art of belly dance. Its sensuality, the delicacy of its movements, the subtlety, the percussion rhythms enchanted me from the very first moment. At that moment, a door opened not only to physical benefits like improved posture and using pelvic movements to relieve my pain but also to accepting my body and my curves. It brought back the love towards myself, my confidence, my inner power, and the motivation to inspire other women do the same. My purpose is to share its benefits with other women, offering them support and access to this ancestral feminine practice so that they can use it as a tool to help them better the relationship with themselves, express from a safe space and add joy, pleasure and play into their lives!


The Awakening of the Goddess is a tribute to you, to your ancestors, and all the women who inhabit the earth. Because we are all creators.

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My mission is…

  • To inspire beauty

  • To promote self-love, confidence and inner strength though dance and movement

  • To help you reconnect with your feminine and creative essence

  • To offer you supportive tools to help you improve your quality of life

  • To teach you how to dance and express with your body

  • To help you stay active and healthy whilst having fun and enjoying doing exercise!

Belly Dance Essentials has been created to help you:

  • Discover the therapeutical aspects of dance and how movement can improve your quality of life.

  • Connect with your body and feminine essence.

  • Improve the relationship you have with yourself.

  • Learn the importance of taking time for self-care.

  • To experience pleasure and connect with joy, play and fun.

  • Learn the basic technique of oriental dance so that you can explore, play, combine, and discover your own unique style.

  • Learn to express through your body.

  • Gain body awareness

  • Be more in the present moment.

  • Release stress, anxiety and/or feelings of depression. Dancing helps lifting your moods!

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