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Supporting you along your journey to conceive


Trying to create a new life is an exciting part of your journey, but it can become stressful, frustrating and irritating when we don't achieve the results we want in a certain period of time. Mental and emotional stress can affect the optimum state of health that our body needs to hold a new life. Factors such as being under constant pressure, stress, working long hours, poor diet and poor sleep can considerably alter our endocrine system which plays a key role when trying to conceive. These factors, amongst others, can affect fertility. Reflexology can be used as a complementary tool to boost fertility in both men and women.


What is Reflexology for fertility?

The feet can be a mirror of the body and this concept helps reflexologists to locate, through a mixture of gentle and firm pressure, the areas that need extra care.  A fertility reflexology treatment is focused on treating the reproductive reflexes along with acupressure points and energy linking techniques that aim to balance the hormonal system.  

How can Reflexology Help?

Reflexology can help to restore balance and harmonise in the whole body as well as providing support and relaxation during this often stressful period. 

How often will I need treatment?

It is recommended to have reflexology regularly for best effects, and it is usually recommended to attend a session before ovulation and after implantation to relieve stress in the body and boost the fertility hormones. Reflexology is a safe and natural option that can be complemented with other medical fertility treatments.
It is advised to prepare the body 3 months prior to starting  IVF and IUI treatments. 

As a registered member of the Irish Reflexologists' Institute (M.I.R.I.L), my reflexology treatments are recognised and partially covered by most health insurers including Irish Life, Laya Health Care, and VHI. For more information on whether your health plan covers reflexology treatments please contact your insurance provider directly.

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