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Guidelines to Parents Grandparents and Carers for using Baby Reflex


Baby Reflex techniques can be applied to a baby from four weeks of age

Please note:

  • Only Qualified Baby Reflex trainers may teach Baby Reflex techniques.

  • Parents & Guardians may only treat their own children

  • No creams, powders or lotions should be used with Baby Reflex 


  • Do not interfere with child’s prescribed medication without GP’s instruction

  • Medical advice should be sought BEFORE treating a child IF the child :

    • Appears Pale or Listless

    • Has a fever, is breathless, especially when drinking

    • Has a Rash or a Temperature Rise, especially if with a stiff neck

    • Has Fits

    • Starts sudden vomiting not usual in that child

    • Has trembling limbs

    • Cries in pain when touched or picked up

    • Has any kind of Head Injury

  • Treat only when you judge your child to be ready to receive treatment.

  • The maximum of any baby reflex treatment is 5 minutes per session. Only 3 sessions in 24 hours. Allow 20 minutes after the baby has been fed to work on them. 

  • Individual points that help relieve baby’s pain for example colic, can be given for 30 seconds more frequently for example 30 seconds... 3 times in 12 hours.

  • Treatment should be the lightest of pressure, but still evenly given, not jerky. Parents can use fingers or thumb but if you find that thumb pressure is too heavy, give the light pressure with whatever part of your finger you find the easiest. 

  • No cream nor lotions nor powder should be given with baby reflex. It just is not necessary.

  • Avoid giving baby reflex for 48hours when your baby has had a vaccination

  • Treat your baby as you normally do and always contact your doctor or health visitor, if you are unsure about your baby’s health.

  • Do try and give your baby a daily baby reflex treatment.  You will find that both you and your baby look forward to the bonding experience that even a few minutes of daily baby reflex creates in both of you.

  • Make sure you always start and finish the Baby Reflex treatment that suits your baby by holding their heels gently for a few seconds. Babies like the reassurance of repetition.

  • Note that the child may, for a short time, excrete more often, after the first few treatments before settling.



​*In order to confirm your registration for this course payment must be made during your registration online registration *

*Recordings for this course are not available*
*Numbers are limited to small groups to allow interaction*
*Fees aren't refundable or transferable*

*Upon registration, you will receive an email with access to download the full manual with all relevant information and an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to all sequences on the course. For this reason, once the booking has been confirmed, the course fee is not refundable.

*This course is only for parents to practice the techniques on their babies and it is not intended to instruct them to treat other children than their own*

* Please note that reflexology is not intended to be used as a form of prescription or diagnosis. In case of any doubts and/or concerns about the health of your baby please seek professional medical advice immediately*

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