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Conscious Movement

Are you looking for a way to connect more deeply with your body and mind? Welcome to our Conscious Movement classes!

What is Conscious Movement?

Conscious Movement is a practice that invites you to explore and inhabit your body and mind through mindfulness and deliberate intention. In these classes, I will guide you on a journey towards greater self-awareness, allowing you to discover the strength within you and the magic that arises when you immerse yourself in the present moment.

My classes integrate:

My conscious movement classes include:

Guided meditations

Conscious breathing

Body movement and free dance

Stretching and flexibility

A bioenergetic and holistic approach

Working with archetypes and energy centers

Sacred geometry of body movement

Oriental dance movements to work on pelvic awareness.

We will also work on grounding, expression, creativity, connection with our natural cycles, archetypes, the power of intention, focus, mindfulness, breathing, and much more.


  • Sensory exploration: I invite you to feel every movement, every breath, every sensation in your body. You will learn to listen and respond to the signals your body sends you.

  • Conscious Breathing: Breathing is the foundation of our being. We will learn breathing techniques that will help calm your mind and connect with your body on a deeper level.

  • Balance and Coordination: Through fluid and conscious movements, we will work on improving your balance and coordination, strengthening your mind-body connection.

  • Stress Reduction: Discover how Conscious Movement can be a powerful tool for reducing stress and anxiety in your daily life.

  • Personal Growth: These classes are an opportunity to explore your potential and grow on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

    Who Are These Classes For?
    Our classes are open to everyone, regardless of your level of experience.
    If you're looking:

  • For a self-care space to nurture your body and soul 

  • For a safe and non-judgmental  space where you can feel free to express your emotions

  • To feel authentic

  • To connect with your mind, body, and soul on a deeper level

  • To expand your consciousness 

  • To feel more calm and relaxed

  • To reduce stress and anxiety

  • To raise your vibration

  • To feel part of a community of like-minded people
    ...Then I can´t wait to meet you in one of our classes!!


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