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Moon Dance Alchemy 

A journey within to honor your inner rhythms and cycles through movement and self-care.

Moon Dance Alchemy is a healing and transformative movement-based practice to help you unleash your creative expression and reconnect with your feminine divine essence through the healing art of dance and self-care. A space to honor your inner cycles and rhythms and tap into your inner strength and feminine wisdom.

What Moon Dance Alchemy

are about...

Whether you are a seasoned dancer or just beginning your journey, this event welcomes all. So join us, set up a cozy space, and let the energy of the full moon alchemize and ignite your spirit. Moondance Alchemy online offers an intimate space to tap into your inner alchemist and let your inner brilliance shine, transforming heaviness into light and gold.


The focus is on enhancing feminine empowerment, body awareness, and holistic well-being through dance healing and self-care. 

What we will do?

  • We will honour the moon's magic energy of the moment and we will start by setting positive intentions for our next cycle.

  • Free dance to embody the soul's language and encourage body awareness. The theme of this moondance alchemy gathering is about finding lightness in our hearts and releasing the fears that hold us back from becoming our full potential.

  • We will finish with some oracle cards for the guidance of the group.

  • Distant healing will be sent to the participants for the night of the 24th of February.

This event encourages creative expression and sensorial exploration through the healing art of free conscious movement and dance. It is not a dance choreography or technique class so no level of experience is needed. All bodies and all ages are welcome!

The duration of this online gathering is 60 min and the recording will be available for a week for those who can't attend the live session.

NEXT DATE: TBA - if you are interested please send me a message:


‘Let the alchemy of the dance ignite your inner starlight'

This workshop will help you...

Tips to set your ritualistic scene

  • Be more present in your body

  • Feel more connected with your body

  • Gain clarity

  • Feel more grounded and connected

  • Unleash your creative expression

  • Create space for self-care

  • Expand your awareness so that you can listen and understand the language of your body

  • Release physical tension and energetic blocks 

  • Learn self-expression in a safe way

  • Tap into your inner wisdom and divine feminine energy

  • Get time for self-reflection

  • Ignite your inner brilliance!

  • Elevate your vibration!

  • Inspire you in new ways

  • Learn the importance of honoring your inner cycles, rhythms, and energy.

  • Grab a blanket and an eye mask or something to cover your eyes during the moving journey and the guided meditation. This helps you to rest the sight and allows you to go deep into a relaxing and meditative state.

  • Water

  • Tissues for the healing tears if any

  • A journal & and pen to write down any insights that come through 

  • Warm, cosy & comfy clothes & socks

  • You can create an altar, light some candles and incense, palo santo, or sage (always watch for fire hazards). Essential oils, flowers, or anything that reminds you of the feminine energies are good to be set in our altar.

  • Grab a yoga mat or have somewhere to lie or sit comfortable for the meditation

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