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Made with love & care with 925 sterling silver wire. A minimal and elegant design for all ocasions. All the stones are cleansed and infused with Reiki and intentions for love & abundance.


  • Imperial Jasper: Said to aid in quick thinking and promotes organizational abilities and completing projects in time ~ Stimulates imagination and helps to transform ideas into action ~ A powerful healer of the heart, solar plexus and sacral chakras
  • Turquoise: Worn as jewellery or carried in a pouch, turquoise is a talisman for immense good luck, success, money, fame, ambition and creativity.
  • Smoke Quartz: Protection ~ Grounding, stabilizing and anchoring stone that helps eliminate stress and its effects in the body ~ Clears the aura of attachments and debris and helps to detoxify the body ~ Wash this stone weekly as it absorbs negativity.
  • Rose Quartz: 'Love in a stone'. Rose quartz carries a soothing, nurturing, supportive and loving energy. The most important stone for the heart chakra. Helps to open the heart, lowers stress and clears out anger, jealousy and resentment of others. Helps with depression and increases feelings of self-worth and self-love. Protects against gossip. It is a great stone for Taurus. Physical healing: It is said to help circulation healing mothers after a complicated birth, fertility and female reproductive system.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Known as the career stone, attracts promotion and business success. Wear it on important events, projects or for public speaking and auditions. A stone of truth. Good to deepen honest communication. Helps to bring harmony to all our relationships. Can help with the endocrine and nervous system, headaches and migraines. A stone for the throat and third eye chakras. Also good for Virgo and Libra.

925 Sterling Silver drop earrings

PriceFrom €22.00
      925 Sterling Silver Earrings
      Gemstones available: Imperial Jasper, Peach Moonstone, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Smoke Quartz
      Colours: Dark Green & Brown
    • SIZE:
      Lenght: 5 cm
      Total Lenght: 6 cm
      Width: 2.4 cm

      ​​​​​​All jewellery comes packed in a craft box, perfect and ready to be given as a gift. All the earrings also come with care instructions and and the meaning for each stone.
      Sterling silver may darken if isn't used regularly. It is a metal that can be cleaned easily with a jewellery cloth, or using bicarbonate of soda in a dry cloth. DO NOT BEND. 
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