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Made with love & care with 925 sterling silver wire. It is a delicate design, subtle, minimal and elegant. All the stones are cleansed and infused with Reiki and intentions for love & abundance.


  • Brown Tiger Eye: Grounding ~  Balancing energy ~  Increases will power ~  Stregth ~  Helps reducing anxiety caused by feelings of isolation or inadequacy ~ Increases will power and emotional stability.

     Balances root and solar plexus chakras. Zodiac: Leo.


  • Green Tiger Eye: Enforces mental strength and gives courage to move forward ~ Prevents procrastination ~ Gives you the power to accomplish your goals helping stay motivated ~ Overcomes fear and anxiety ~ It is used to improve a business luck and as a talisman for people who travel.  Chakra: Heart


These earrings are delicate and have been made and handled with a lot of care. DO NOT BEND.


925 Sterling Silver drops

      925 Sterling Silver wire 
      Gemstone: Tiger Eye
      Colours: Dark Green & Brown
    • SIZE:
      Lenght: 5 cm
      Gemstone: 0.8 cm
      ​​​​​​All jewellery comes packed in a craft box, perfect and ready to be given as a gift. All the earrings also come with care instructions and and the meaning for each stone.
    • ​​​​​​​PRODUCT CARE:
      Sterling silver may darken if isn't used regularly. It is a metal that can be cleaned easily with a jewellery cloth, or using bicarbonate of soda in a dry cloth. DO NOT BEND. 
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