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A blend of pure essential oils for spiritual protection and auric strength and energy cleanse.


  • Vetivert: Also known as the oil of tranquility, Vetivert helps to strengthen and cleanse the auric field, grounds, and centers. It is also an aphrodisiac & helps to calm anxiety.
  • Juniper: Detoxifying on mental, physical and emotional levels. Is depurative, helping to eliminate toxins, diauretic, and warms up the area of the body where you use it helping to stimulate circulation. Juniper is a physchic & emotional cleanser. It can also be used on its own to cleanse crystals, or to cleanse the room space from engativity.
  • Lavender: All-round healer oil. Lavender is an immunostimulant, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, balancing, relaxing, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and a great pain killer.


How to use it:  Roll onto temples, wrists, and behind the ears. For cleansing & strengthening the auric field, put it on the palms of the hands, soles of the foot, and the space between your eyebrows ( the third eye chakra). Take a few deep breaths and visualize a protective shield around you. Visualize your energy field being cleansed, expanding, and getting stronger. You can use this blend any time of the day. 


INGREDIENTS:  Vetivert, Lavender & Juniper

Carrier oil: Grapeseed oil 10ml.



Please read carefully the cautions and contraindications before use. Do not use it during pregnancy. Avoid contact with the eyes. EXTERNAL USE ONLY.  *As anything that you put in your skin, always try a patch test before use to avoid potential skin reactions.





Aura Strenght Aroma blend 10ml

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  • 10 ml Roller Ball Essential Oil Blends uses a dilution of pure essential oils blended in grapeseed oil. 100% Natural
    This product is made to order. Orders are processed within 3-5 business days excluding weekends and holidays.
    Please note that some oils may have some contraindications. Please read the cautions & contriandications before buying this product.

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