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Inspired by the blue clear skies and the sea of my homeland, Barcelona. This design is made of 925 Sterling Silver and 3 mm natural semiprecious mother of pearl and blue agate. Matching necklace and bracelet available. ** This is a limited design edition.


The panot, also known as the flower of Barcelona, or the Rose of Barcelona, is a type of paving tile that was designed by Josep Puig I Cadafalch and that has become the symbol of the city of Barcelona. 


*Please check the measurements in the Product info section. If you need a longer extension chain please add the extra centimeters you need on top of the total length on the notes section when purchasing the product. 




  • Mother of Pearl: Prosperity~ Love ~Health ~ Opportunity ~ Restores natural rhythms

This stone has a nurturing and caring energy. It is good to use on small children to give them a sense of protection. Also good for maternal separation anxiety. Wear it as jewelry to restore your natural rhythms of appetite and pleasure in food and to avoid the feast-and-famine syndrome. Good for traveling.

On a full moon to attract abundance, combine it with other abundance stones like citrine, tiger's eye, or turquoise.


Affirmation: " I accept my need for nurturing"


Zodiac: Cancer. Chakras: Sacral


  • Blue Agate: Angelic connection ~ Focus ~Inner Peace ~ Channeling


Helps release old worries. Brings acceptance of what is lost.

When hold on at the base of the throat helps release clairaudient powers, so for channeling is a good stone to be worn as a necklace. Beside the bed improves dream recall and peaceful sleep.

Affirmation: " I am in peace within myself and the world"


Zodiac: Virgo. Chakras: Throat





Barcelona Earrings ~ 925 Sterling Silver

      Base: Sterling silver 925
      Gemstones: Mother of pearl & blue agate
    • Colours: White and light blue
    • SIZE:
      Total length: 5cm

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