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Crystal meanings:

  • Blue Aventurine: Calming emotions - Balance emotions- Equilibrates -Enhances psychic abilities

     A dark blue stone with little shiny sparkles. It's like looking at the night sky full of stars.

    The properties of this stone are said to dispel anger & help overcome excesses and bad habits. It is said to offer calm in times of mental and emotional breakdown providing a sense of strength and stability. Helps in decision-making and leadership.


    Zodiac: Gemini, Aries & Taurus. Chakra: Third eye & Throat



Please measure your wrist to ensure the size is adequate for you. If you need a different size customized orders are available, please leave a comment on the notes, or get in touch via email:




Galaxy Bracalet: Equilibrium- Blue Aventurine

Out of Stock
      Stretchy cord
      Faceted 3mm Blue Aventurine
      Silver plated brass crimp cover
    • SIZE:
      Small to Medium ( approximately between 17cm- 17cm ).
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