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Design made of 925 Sterling silver which makes it a durable item for your closet. Sterling silver may discolor over time when not being used but it can easily be cleaned.




Calming~ Tranquility ~ Protection


Dispels anger, fear, anxiety & helps alleviate sadness. Rises your vibration, shifts negative thoughts, patterns, and habits. It can help with sleep disorders, nightmares, and headaches. Amethyst comes from the ancient Greek ' Amethystos', meaning 'not to be intoxicated'. Using an amethyst helps to reduce addiction, compulsive disorder, and hyperactivity in children and animals.


Zodiac: Aquarius. Chakra: Crown and third eye

Venus earrings ~Amethyst 925 Sterling Silver

SKU: amethystearrings

      • Base: 925 Sterling Silver
        Gemstone: Amethyst
        Colour: Light Purple, some may have white shades.
      • SIZE:
        Total length of the earring including hook is 5cm
        Gemstone is approximately 2.5 cm
      • PACKAGING:
        ​​​​​​All jewellery comes packed in a craft box. 
        All crystal jewellery comes with care instructions and and the meaning for each stone.
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