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Crystal meanings:

  • Magnesite: Calming - Peace - Relaxation Helps improve creative visualization and imagination. Helps bring inner peace, calm and relaxation during meditation. Stimulates passion in the heart. Promotes tolerance for emotional stress and helps people with nerves and fear to overcome irritability and intolerance. A crystal said to help exhausted mothers with sleepless nights. It can get easily scratched so it is best to keep separate from other crystals.Divinatory meaning: Slow down, step back, and what now seems insoluble, it will be managed.Zodiac: Libra. Chakras: Throat and Third eye


Please measure your wrist to ensure the size is adequate for you. If you need a different size customized orders are available, please leave a comment on the notes, or get in touch via email:




Magnesite Bracelet

SKU: magnesite bracelet
      Stretchy cord
      4mm  Magnesite (turquoise colour)
      Golden- plated brass crimp cover
    • SIZE:
      Small  ( approximately between 17cm- 17.5cm).
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