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This beautiful bracelet carries a feminine, caring, loving, and nurturing energy from both crystals rose quartz and mother of pearl.


Crystal meanings:


  • Mother of Pearl: Prosperity~ Love ~Health ~ Opportunity ~ Restores natural rhythms

This stone has a nurturing and caring energy. It is good to use on small children to give them a sense of protection. Also good for maternal separation anxiety. Wear it as jewelry to restore your natural rhythms of appetite and pleasure in food and to avoid the feast-and-famine syndrome. Good for traveling.

Affirmation: " I accept my need for nurturing"

Zodiac: Cancer. Chakras: Sacral


  • Rose Quartz: Nourishment ~ Self-Love ~ SelfSteem ~ Calms ~

'Love in a stone'. Rose quartz carries a soothing, nurturing, supportive and loving energy. It helps to open the heart, lower stress and clear out anger, jealousy and resentment of others. It can help with depression by increasing feelings of self-worth and self-love. Protects against gossip. Zodiac: Taurus. Chakra : Heart


Please measure your wrist to ensure the size is adequate for you. If you need a different size customized orders are available, please leave a comment on the notes, or get in touch via email:




Nurturing ~ Mother of Pearl & Rose quartz bracalet

Out of Stock
      Stretchy cord
      Natural rose quartz 4mm
      Mother of Pearl 4mm
      Silver Brass crimp cover 4mm
    • SIZE:
      Small to Medium ( approximately between 17cm - 18 cm.
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