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A minimal, elegant, and subtle design for all hoop lovers.




Helps with addictions ~ Focus ~ Protection ~ Grounding


Wear it if you have a lot of people that depend too much on you. Encourages you to let go of people and situations in your life that don't allow you to thrive. Worn as jewellery helps you to ground and protect from the fast pace of life and bad influences. Take care while cleansing this gemstone as it absorbs negativity daily. Smudge smoke from sage, palo santo or incense is best advised to cleanse this stone.


Zodiac: Leo. Chakras: Root





Onyx Hoops

Gemstone: Onyx
      Base: Golden Steel
      Gemstone: Faceted onyx
      Colour: Black and Gold
    • SIZE:
      Daimetre: 2.5 cm  (25 mm)
      Gemstone: 4mm
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