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Crystal meanings:

  • Onyx: Helps with addictions ~ Focus ~ Protection ~ Grounding


    Wear it if you have a lot of people that depend too much on you. Encourages you to let go of people and situations in your life that doesn't allow you to thrive. Worn as jewelry helps you to ground and protect yourself from the fast pace of life and bad influences. Take care while cleansing this gemstone as it absorbs negativity daily. Smudge smoke from sage, palo santo or incense is best advised to cleanse this stone.


    Zodiac: Leo. Chakras: Root



Please measure your wrist to ensure the size is adequate for you. If you need a different size customized orders are available, please leave a comment on the notes, or get in touch via email:




Protection- Onyx

      Stretchy cord
      Faceted 4mm Onyx
      Golden- plated brass crimp cover
    • SIZE:
      Small to Medium ( approximately between 17cm- 17.5cm).
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