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Shakti Belly Dance 


Why belly dancing?

Everything in the universe is movement, everything dances. As we gather together in class to learn new movements, new challenges, and have fun, we are unlocking our inner power & awakening our senses through creative expression that helps us to have a sense of alignment and purpose. 

Belly dance is a healthy, feminine, safe, and fun way to stay active, improve posture, feel empowered, and express yourself in a safe and non-judgemental enviroment.

"Discover the wisdom of your body, foster the love for the feminine in women"

Belly dance is one of the oldest dances in the world. It's believed that this ancient feminine art has its origins in pagan rituals for fertility.

Because we are actively working on our gravitational center and sacral chakra, this dance helps us increase our vital energy, feel pleasure, and unleash our creative and expressive power. It is a fun, enjoyable, and pleasurable way to stay active!

The main area where this dance has its focus is on moving the pelvic area. As we move our pelvic area we help to not only enhance the flexibility of our hips but also work on our pelvic floor muscles, whether it is to strengthen or to release tension in the area. This in turn helps to bring circulation to the pelvic region which can result in also help to ease menstrual cycle pains and other pelvic-related discomforts.

Belly dance as a healing practice

The course

This course will teach you the basics of belly dance from 0. This is a great opportunity for dancers who have no experience to start dancing, and for those who have some experience to polish their technique.

In this course, we will blend the technicalities of the movement whilst learning a fun, easy, but challenging, choreography. In my classes we also combine different elements, breathing exercises, improvisations and exercises to better help integrate the techniques, but also to unleash your fullest creative potential and help you find your own unique and beautiful style.

Are you ready for the challenge?


My story &
approach to belly dance



I've been dancing for as long as I have memory. My first job was as fitness and aerobic instructor at the age of 14. I started teaching very young, to both kids and adults of all ages whilst in school and college.


I first heard of belly dance when I was 11 years old. I was lucky to have a pediatrician who recommended I start belly dance to relieve pain and tension from my pelvic area, which he believed was the cause of my period pains. I didn't start my journey there, it wasn't until 8 years after that, but ever since I did, I have used movement as my medicine to release pain and physical and emotional tension in my body.

I use dance as medicine for my mind, body, and soul. When I feel physical pain, I dance through it, when I have cramps I allow my body to move in the freeway that it needs to send healing to whatever areas in my body feel stagnated. This is my philosophy and this is what I try to share in my classes. Dance is fun and it has multiple benefits but when we allow time to express our true soul’s voice, magic happens inside out.


I teach dance from a holistic point of view, combining fun, dynamic movements with gentle and subtle movements. I look for the beauty of opposite poles coming together to merge in a union that feels right to our bodies.

Shakti Belly dance is the name I chose to reflect my spiritual and holistic approach to dance. It is a unique signature style that has been developed amongst the many years of dancing with different teachers and learning different styles of dance and ancient practices. My classes include improvisation, and a blend of movements from classic Egyptian oriental dances combined with movements from Persian dances, flamenco, contemporary dance, and other ethnical dances. I am passionate about dance and I am always learning from different styles and teachers around the world. I am currently studying Dance Therapy- specialising in Oriental Fusion Dance for pelvic floor awareness. It is teaching me to bring organicity and rawness to all the basic movements of oriental dance in a way that feels natural to my body.


For who is this course?

Beginners and dancers who have the basics and want to improve their technique and refresh concepts. All you need is to be ready to learn something new, have fun and be part of a dance community that supports each other’s growth & creative power.

Belly dance isn’t easy at the beginning, but it is all about practice & persistence!

Every - Body is welcome!

Do I need to show my belly in class?

Absolutely no need. You don’t need to show your belly, in fact, it is better for us women to keep our reproductive organs and pelvic area warm especially during winter months, and cold seasons. However, if you don’t want to show your belly, it may be helpful to bring a stretchy top that allows you to see better the movements. Belly dance is more than just showing some cool belly and hip movements, it is about going inwards and feeling the moves in your own body.


How long is the class? And what will we do?

The duration of this class is 1 h. The class starts with a warm-up, sometimes we may combine breathing techniques or gentle movements to gain flexibility. We then will learn some techniques that will be used later in the choreography, and we will also combine them with some transitions and other movements that help embellish our dance. 


What do I need to bring?

You can bring leggings or stretchy pants, a skirt if you feel comfortable dancing with it, a hip scarf, and I recommend bringing a stretchy top to see your belly movements, but this is of course optional. Bring whatever makes you feel comfortable, a smile, and water to keep you hydrated!


What previous students say

The past few weeks of belly dance classes with Laura have been so good for me. I look forward to each week and feel a kind of passion for this dance arising that makes me feel alive and excited. I haven't felt that about anything since salsa in my early twenties! I love the balance between focus on learning technique and letting the body freestyle. I feel this is a beautiful way to experience femininity, sensuality and joy in movement.

Laura is a very professional teacher and performer. Always very enthusiastic and positive, she makes people very comfortable. I like the fact that apart from specific technical dancing instructions, she gives time to express yourself. Thank you so much. I really recommend her classes.


I really enjoyed Laura's belly dance class and hope to continue with it in the future. She has a lovely way of teaching. Great way to build confidence, learn a new skill and get in touch with your own body movement and awareness. It's a fantastic class and I would highly recommend it to all.

I am so happy that my first belly dance experience was led by Laura as a teacher and dancer. Laura's sunny energy is contagious - I had so much fun in the class, and it was an excellent way to connect with my feminine energies each week, to establish greater body awareness, and connect primal energy to music! Magical class, thank you Laura I can't wait for your next classes to come around


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