Tiny Feet


A natural  way to help your baby

Reflexology is a fantastic natural option for calming and nurturing babies and children, boosting their immune systems, and supporting the growing body. This course provides parents with a set of gentle reflexology techniques to assist the well-being of their baby while strengthening the already existing loving bond which is essential for the babies blueprint and development.
These natural, simple, and safe techniques can be used as part of a daily routine to help soothe and ease common ailments and discomforts on Babies and Toddlers, allowing you to feel confident coping with your baby’s needs 24 hours a day.

Online Classes

The course is presented in three online sessions of about 45 minutes, taught over three consecutive weeks. Classes are held online via Zoom platform. Recording not available for this course* 

Class Schedule 

Week 1: Sleeping & Comforting  

Week 2: Feeding & Digesting 

Week 3: Wellbeing

TIME:    @10 am- Irish Time- 3 sessions of around 40- 45 minutes.

During this course you’ll also learn reflexes that can help with colic, reflux, teething, insect bites, boosting the immune system & help with colds and chesty coughs.
Private classes can be tailored to your and your baby's needs!

Each week is themed into a different topic to help parents absorb the information better and to provide enough time to practice each sequence and ask questions that may arise along with your practice. I am here to support your practice, so if you have any doubts or questions feel free to ask me!

Who can attend the baby reflex classes?

This course is addressed to parents and babies from 4 weeks until 12 months of age. Mum to be & grandparents or guardians are also welcome.

What do you obtain by joining this course?
  • A lifetime skill to help ease and relieve common discomforts in your own child that can support them throughout the years.

  • With practice and confidence, you will be able to treat your child anytime and everywhere if your child is willing to.

  • Upon registration, you will receive an email with access to download the full manual which includes:

All the relevant information about baby reflex

Guidelines and cautions for practice

Printable blank foot charts to colour and take notes about the reflexes you will learn during the classes.

An easy step-by-step guide explaining all the reflexes and sequences that we will be working on.

  • After the three classes have been completed you will:

Obtain a 100% voucher code to access the training video at the Baby Reflex official website to further help and support your practice during this time.

Access to the parent’s hub at the official Baby Reflex website where you can download and print useful information.


One on One: 70 € 1 hour in person, 60€ Online

Private classes are tailored to your own baby's needs and can be customized to show you specific routines to help your baby's conditions. You may need more or fewer sessions depending on what areas do you need to cover. The private class includes consultation and a baby reflexology sequence tailored to the specific ailments you would like to learn about.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch!

Group classes: Online 45 €

​*In order to confirm your registration for this course payment must be made during your registration online registration *

*Recordings for this course are not available*
*Numbers are limited to small groups to allow interaction*
*Fees aren't refundable or transferable*

*Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email with access to download the full manual with all relevant information and an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to all sequences on the course. For this reason, once the booking is confirmed, the course is nonrefundable.

*This course is only for parents to practice the techniques on their babies and it is not intended to instruct them to treat other children than their own*

* Please note that reflexology is not intended to be used as a form of prescription or diagnose. In case of any doubts and/or concerns about the health of your baby please seek professional medical advice immediately*