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The there spirals, also known as triskele are one of the oldest symbols of spirituality that represents movement, cycles, progress, and motion.


It represents the land, the sea, and the sky. The mother, father, and child, the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, the three trimesters of pregnancy, past present, and future, as well as the equilibrium between mind, body, and spirit, are some of the trio examples that symbolize the triskele.


For the druids, the first spiral represents the sensations and senses and the limitations and abilities of our physical body. The second spiral represents consciousness and logic, the world of ideas and thoughts. And the third spiral represents the journey of the soul, learning through the spirit world.



Trisquele Necklace

      Golden plated stainless steel chain 18 inches and 20 inches

    • Colours: Golden

    • SIZE:
      Length: 18 inches or 20 inches

      ​​​​​​All jewellery comes packed in a craft box, perfect and ready to be given as a gift. All the jewellery comes with care instructions and the meaning of each crystal.
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