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Baby's Feet


The key to calm your baby is at your fingertips

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary, holistic therapy based on the principle that all areas of the body are reflected on the hands and the feet. Exerting varying pressures on the specific areas of the hands and feet can encourage specific and identified parts of the body to respond.  Reflexologists can detect subtle changes and imbalances in the body by examining and working on the feet. Working on the reflexes helps to improve circulation, induce relaxation and enable homeostasis (the body’s natural ability to find equilibrium), boosting the immune system and maintaining health by bringing balance to the whole system.

What is baby reflex?

Baby Reflex is an adapted version of adult reflexology created especially for babies, infants and toddlers, from one month to three years.

It is a set of natural, simple, safe and enjoyable techniques that were developed for increasing the natural loving bond between parent and child.

It gives parents the opportunity to learn special, gentle techniques to assist naturally with the wellbeing of their own child.

Parents can adjust the treatment to suit their own child’s needs.

It is so simple that can be carried out as little as 5 minutes and can be performed everywhere at any time.


History of Baby Reflex

Baby Reflex was developed by Jenny Lee, a Chartered physiotherapist and reflexologist who spent 15 years researching the effects of regular reflexology on Childhood Asthma. The main effects found included relaxation, improved sleep and child-parent bonding encouraged.

Research has also shown that baby reflexology is effective in easing discomforts such as colic, reflux, constipation, wind, teething, Asthma, Eczema, poor appetite, poor sleep, congested ears and nose, hyperactivity and anxiety. 

Baby reflexology can help:  

Improve sleep

Increase relaxation

Improve well-being

Boost their immune system

Support the growing body

Ease common ailments such as colic, reflux, cosntipation,etc.

Why choosing baby reflex:

Natural:  It is a non-invasive therapy that aims to promote good health.

Nurturing:  Encourages a natural bonding between Parent and child.

Nourishing:  Aims to support the growing body of the child.


Babies love being touched and cuddled and the gentle techniques, of touch on the baby’s feet and hands, create in the baby a feeling of pleasure and relaxation that makes it a fantastic natural option to soothe and calm your baby.

Online Classes

Online classes are available 1:1 and occasionally in group sessions. 
Private classes are tailored to you and your baby's needs. To book a private class click here.

You can also find more information about the class content in the following link.

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