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Healing & Movement

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I invite you to dance in this circle so that we all learn to journey from a place of acceptance, self-love, and compassion.  Becoming aware of our light and accepting and integrating our darkness.
I invite you to become the dance...
laura xx

The dance of the cycles is an invitation to go within on a journey to reconnect with your inner wisdom and honour your inner cycles and rhythms. An afternoon of healing through conscious medicine movement, ecstatic dance journey with live violin, meditation & sound healing. There will also be tarot and oracle cards to help you find guidance. 


About the workshop

‘At the beginning, there was silence. 
In the end, there was silence.
And from that silence became the sound'.
Let the rhythm and pulse of life reconnect you with your true essence and inner power.’

Autumn is the season when we are asked to leave behind all of our fears and heavy baggage so that we can rest during the hibernation season in peace and comfort with ease and lightness.

Before the practice, we will set intentions to help us cleanse and release anything that is no longer serving our highest purpose for the season ahead.

We will begin the circle with a grounding practice of reconnecting with the elements and activating the vital energy flow in the body combining breath with ancestral feminine movements based on oriental dances.
Oriental dance uses concentric and circular movements with a focus on the hips and pelvis, our gravitational and creative center of pleasure and expression.
It’s a feminine and gentle practice that will help to unleash our creative power and allow us to explore pleasure and joy through conscious movement.

Accompanied by the healing sound of the violin we will initiate a journey to connect with different archetypes, the elements of nature, and natural cycles of death and rebirth to honor the pulse of life and re-awaken the inner power & wisdom that lies within us all.

We will end the journey with meditation and sound healing, and there will be  oracle and tarot cards to help you gain clarity and insights on whatever came through the journey. Bring a journal to write down any messages and teachings that come forward for you during our journey together.

Important note: NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NEEDED. This is not a dance class so we won’t be learning steps or choreography. The dance journey is an invitation to move freely with your eyes closed in whatever way your body needs to express to allow healing and restoration.

‘Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances'.

Dance allows us to put form to the formless, to explore raw emotions, and teaches us how to express with our body what it’s on our mind and in our hearts.

Practicing conscious dance & movement is allowing the voice of your spirit to communicate with you so that you can pay attention to the signs that your body is sending you. Becoming more aware of our mind, body and emotions allows us to make a conscious choice of taking responsibility for our own healing process. It also allows us to detect blockages in the body and helps move stagnant energy restoring thus the natural flow of vital energy in our bodies.

This workshop is for you if...

What to bring

  • You feel stagnant or blocked

  • Need clarity and guidance

  • Feel ungrounded and disconnected

  • If you lack expression and communication and want to learn how to express in a healthy way through your body

  • If you are looking to spend some 'me-time' for self-care 

  • If you want to learn how to listen to your body

  • If you need to be heard

  • If you need to voice your feelings and struggle with expression and communication

  • If you would like tap into your inner wisdom and intuition

  • If you are called to go inwards and make time for self-reflection

This is a female-based movement practice, but men are also welcome to join.

  • A yoga mat

  • A blanket and an eye mask or something to cover your eyes during the moving journey and the meditation

  • Water

  • Tissues 

  • A journal & pen to write down any insights that come through 

  • Warm, cosy & comfy clothes & socks

Feedback from previous healing & movement workshops

'Thank you, Laura, for the amazing Healing & Movement workshop. I felt so energized and empowered after the dance sequence which in turn, made way for our guided meditation. The music told a beautiful story and the freedom to express was definitely held by everyone present. You inspire and shine a bright light in everything you do

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