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Welcome to my blog!

Updated: Jan 14

Hello! I am Laura and I am a holistic therapist and dance teacher, passionate about all things holistic health and wellbeing!

In this blog, I will be sharing with you some of the things I am passionate about, healthy recipes, reflections, self-care tips, and ways in which you can improve your lifestyle. I hope they'll serve you as an inspiration to improve your well-being and become more conscious about the importance of taking care of yourself holistically.

A space where I'll share with you tips for self-care, holistic health and wellbeing
Welcome to my blog!

A little introduction about me and how it all started

I am Spanish, from Barcelona, and recently moved to Costa del Sol. I have spent my last 10 years living in Dublin, Ireland, where I started my own business as a holistic therapist in 2017. Amongst other holistic and energy healing modalities I have trained in, my passion lies in Reflexology, energy healing, and movement therapy for helping stress management and women's health. I have helped thousands of clients and students improve their health, manage their stress levels, and feel more empowered and balanced throughout my practices.

I have always been a curious child who asked many questions and had a real interest in the mystical world and life's mysteries which had no explanation. I have fond memories of my childhood, imagining myself as a fortune teller with the Spanish deck of cards which covers all minor arcana. My passion for tarot, crystals, and energy began in my early childhood. I used to love playing witches and believed I had magic healing powers!

My teenage years were different. I struggled with anxiety and faced abuse in school. This was a real stress that put my whole nervous system on alert. It was at that age I discovered the incredible effect of reflexology. Before I even knew something was called foot reflexology, I used to ask my mum to massage my feet, and I would tell her exactly where to press to help me relax, help me sleep, and help ease the tummy pains.

Some years later, while I was a receptionist in a Gym and wellness center I learned that reflexology was a therapy that was based on applying pressure to some areas of the feet that corresponded to parts of the body and that it helped to ease symptoms of stress, pain, etc. At that moment it all made sense and I started studying in my own spare time and reading about self-help, energy healing, crystals, manifestation, etc. as a hobby.

That was my first awakening, at the age of 20. The click that I needed to change perspective. When I realized that I could change my reality by changing the way I was thinking about myself, and how I was treating and speaking to myself, it changed the whole course of things and a new bright door opened for me.

It wasn't until I moved to Ireland that I started to train professionally in Reiki and Reflexology, and with those two therapies, I gave name to my first practice: ' Feet your Soul'.

I LOVE learning and I continue to grow, learn, and put my past experience into practice today.

Helping, inspiring, and supporting other people's journeys is my purpose in life, and by fulfilling my purpose I strive to remind you that your life is one to be celebrated and lived through love, pleasure, lightness, and joy.

How I began dancing and why movement it's so vital to me.

I have been a dancer for as long as I can remember. I started teaching dance and aerobics when I was only 14 years old, and I knew then teaching was a big passion of mine.

At the age of 11 years old, and having been so lucky to have a pediatrician who had a holistic side of view, he referred me to start practicing belly dancing as an exercise to help me ease tension and pain related to my menstrual cycle.

I started my journey as a belly dancer in 2011 and felt immediately in love with the enchanting music, the sensuality of the moves, and the challenge of abandoning my busy mind to bring the focus down to earth and my body.

Dance sparked a seed of passion that has grown ever since. It became my medicine. The way I expressed myself when words didn't suffice. It helped me foster a love for myself and understand the femininity in women. It showed me the way to listen, and follow the signs of my body, understand the voice of my intuition, feel empowered, gain confidence, and honor my inner cycles as a woman.

This is what I want to share today with you and with the world. My mission as a dance teacher and space holder is to show you that there are ways in which you can make yourself feel better. That you can access that power that relies on within and awaken the spark that makes your whole body vibrate with pleasure, joy, laughter, and love. I strive in every class to help you find your bright light and empower you to use it to enlighten your life and others.

My mission and purpose in this seed project

I hope to show you the way toward your inner strength, self-love, and self-confidence. To teach you self-help tools and tips to live a holistic lifestyle and help you improve your overall well-being and health.

The journey sometimes ain't easy, so let me tell you: you are not alone! I am here with you. To work with you, help you, and support your journey will be my honor. There's always a warming light behind the clouds and I hope that wherever it is that you are in your journey you can stop and learn to embrace it, breathe the smell of the flowers, and acknowledge all the beauty that surrounds you!

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