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A blend of citrus and floral essential oils to help relax your nervous system and bring positivity and joy to your day.


Chakra blends are made with pure essential oils, infused with Reiki and affirmations for each chakra.


Manipura- The Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is the energetic center of raw fiery energy for transformation, igniting your willpower and getting yourself into action. It governs our inner harmony, joy, peace, personality, ego, and social identity as well as our confidence, self-control, personal power, and inner strength. Emotions of insecurity, fears, over-worrying, or giving too much importance to what others think about us can affect this energy center.



  • I respect myself for all that I am
  • I ignite my inner strength and personal power
  • I choose to live my life with peace & joy
  • I release all fears that are limiting myself to reach my full potential

  • I live my life to my fullest potential
  • I am strong. I am brave. I am an unlimited being.
  • I take control of my own life and accept and take responsibility for all my decisions.
  • I am powerful beyond measure and I share my talents with the world.
  • I am becoming the best version of myself

Directions: Use on pulse points, wrists, temples, and behind the ears. Use any time of the day.


INGREDIENTS: Orange, Neroli & Ylang Ylang. Carrier oil: Grapeseed oil 10ml.



Please read carefully the cautions and contraindications before use.  Avoid using this blend 48 hours before being exposed to bright sunlight or before using sunbeds. Avoid contact with the eyes. EXTERNAL USE ONLY.  *As anything that you put in your skin, always try a patch test before use to avoid potential skin reactions.






Manipura 10 ml Aroma Blend

  • 10 ml Roller Ball Blends uses a dilution of pure essential oils blended in grapeseed oil. All chakra blends are infused with Reiki and affirmations for each chakra.

    This product is made to order. Orders are processed within 3-5 days excluding weekends and holidays.
    Please note that some oils may have some contraindications. Please read the cautions & contriandications before buying this product.

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